Avocado Chocolate Bar: A Not So Unusual Combination

It seems the newest trend in sweet stuff is mixing avocado into your classic chocolate bar thanks to the unique collaboration from Compartes chocolatier and the California Avocado Commission. 

Here is a look at what White Chocolate dreams are made of:

For many people this seems an odd paring. However, if you think the combination of avocado and chocolate seems a bit strange, think again. These two foods have made excellent partners for a long time, and for good reason! The creamy avocado flavor compliments chocolate, similar to dairy products. 

Throughout Southeast Asia and South America adding a hint of chocolate to an avocado shake or sprinkling it on fresh avocado is very common. So, it is hardly surprising that avocado chocolate bars are making a splash in grocery stores around the United States.

What is your take on the latest concoction? Is Avocado & Chocolate a perfect pair?