From Our Groves to Your Table

Enthusiastic about sharing the love for avocados, our passion is evident in how we conduct our business, how we respect the land, and how we give back to our family and communities of avocado lovers.

To grow our avocados to picking perfection, it takes 14-18 months of nurturing by our family of dedicated growers. It all starts with the right location: an environment with a mix of year round sun and cool coastal breezes, and is made possible by ample water and rich, fertile soil. Trees are lovingly raised to maturity and patiently cultivated for many months through the fruit bearing process. Growers tirelessly work the land, tend to their trees and hand nurture the avocados until each delicate fruit is ideal for harvesting. Picked upon maturity, avocados are whisked away to our distribution center where they are carefully inspected, labeled and packaged, ready to be delivered fresh to your local market.